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Traditional Jazz 

Doyle Cooper Jazz Band

Doyle Cooper began playing trumpet at the age of 10. Raised in a musical family, it was always a matter of what he would play, not if he would play. He was immersed in Traditional Jazz since his Grandfather and Mother both performed for years.  After years of playing with multiple bands, a great group of musicians have come together to form this group.  Doyle Cooper, Miles Lyons, Connor Stewart, Nahum Zdybel, Danny Rubio and Joshua "Jams" Marotta make up this very talented band., dedicated to Traditional Jazz that was born here in our hometown. The Doyle Cooper Jazz Band finds it an honor to share this great music with the audience.  2017 is the first time this band has performed in Economy Hall.  Doyle Cooper Jazz Band plays weekly, Friday nights at the Bourbon Orleans Hotel in the historic French Quarter.